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19th June 2024 



G.P. Northampton - Acute low back pain and sciatica following prolapsed lumbar disc and failed back surgery.

"I did not know what to expect when I first attended Mr Morgan's clinic, but after several weeks treatment I have now got back my normal lifestyle, from the constant pain and agony that I was in. His professionalism, patience and understanding of the human body are a true testimony of what alternative medicine can achieve. I would recommend him to anybody, he is a true professional of his craft and I would say, second to none."

A.E. Wellingborough - Cervical Spondylosis (neck degeneration causing head, neck and shoulder pain).

"Has been life changing, pain has ruled my life. Pill popping, watching the clock for the next lot to take, this has slowed down. Haven't finished treatment yet. I can bend where I couldn't before, I can be normal now this is the most wonderful thing of all. Thank-you Anthony.

J.H. Tenby - Sciatica.

"Please accept my very grateful thanks for your help in curing my very persistent sciatica. After more than four months of agony I am finally PAIN FREE. Thank you so much. I am still doing the stretching as ordered. Once again Mr Morgan I am very grateful and can't thank you enough."

E.E. Pembs - Back Pain and Severe Leg Pains.

"I am now completely free from pain both in my back and my leg. I can now walk more easily and my pelvis feels free and more comfortable. I have been able to return to my hobbies of gardening and walking."

R.W. Northampton - Lumbar bulges at L4/5, L3/4 and L2/3, thoracic protrusion at T8/9 with nerve root impingements causing constant severe pain. Patient on morphine.

"After suffering severe back pain for many months my children suggested I seek help from a chiropractor. I had no idea of what one does and I was nervous. I was pleasantly surprised after 3 sessions my pain was much improved and after 9 sessions I was able to come off all pain relief.
St Francis clinic is welcoming, warm and not at all clinical. I felt completely at ease and I would recommend the services of Anthony Morgan."


M.E. Wellingborough - Stress, Anxiety, Lack of Confidence.

"Leaving with much peace, feeling of confidence and calm."

S.R. Northampton - Smoking.

"I feel the session with anthony was very positive. I feel relaxed and able to deal with my problems. I have no desire to smoke."

B.K. Coventry.

BEFORE TREATMENT - "I was unable to control my bladder. My bladder would empty completely. This resulted in me having to severely restrict my activities - it took over my life. I would have to plan where I was going and where the toilets were. Once the thought of needing the toilet came into my mind I was helpless to control myself, even in the house."
AFTER TREATMENT - "Thanks to Anthony Morgan I now have my life back! My bladder is under control and I am much more relaxed. Going to the toilet is now a positive experience."

C.J. Northampton - Anxiety and Insomnia.

"A very positive experience, was able to learn relaxation techniques which I will use in order to stay calm and relaxed."

J.C. Kettering - Unhappiness due to sudden breakdown of long term relationship.

"Having previously used the services of Mr Morgan in 2006 and finding the treatment successful, I decided to try again after finding myself in a very similar situation. Once again I can confirm there were noticeable differences in my general well being and self esteem and that after my first session I felt much more positive and stronger and able to deal with the problem I had been faced with. I would strongly recommend the services of Mr Morgan for anyone in a similar situation."


M.S. Northampton - Morton's Neuroma (causing foot pain).

"I have had pain in my feet for about 5-6 years and have just had to put up with it hoping it would go away. As it got worse I went to the podiatry unit at the hospital but it became a long drawn out affair with them trying to make inner soles to stop the pain. I came to acupuncture on recommendation of a friend who had said it helped with back pain. I was a bit cynical at first but after having just four treatments the pain seems to have gone. Hopefully this will last because it is great to be able to walk again without the discomfort."

W. R. Northampton - ******** (extensive)

I was apprehensive when treatment was first initiated and after three further visits there wasn't a great deal going on. Anthony encouraged me to to continue and things started to happen with slight tufts of hair in my bald spots returning.
Through further visits the vast majority of my hair has now returned and is almost back to normal and is still growing. This is a brilliant result for myself and I wish Anthony a big pat on the back for helping me out.

Combined Therapies

H.E. Milford Haven - Headaches, Interstitial Cystitis, Diverticulitis, Hernia, Acid Reflux.

"From the first consultation with Anthony I was put at ease and felt confident that my main reason for seeing Anthony was to alleviate my headaches first and foremost.
My headaches have eased considerably, I have far more energy, I am also sleeping much better and as a whole, there has been a vast improvement in my various conditions, of which I am totally amazed.
I can only thank Anthony for his professionalism and knowledge in carrying out various treatments on me and for making me feel so much better."